Friday, April 18, 2014

Swimming, Egg hunt, Palm Sunday

I sort of procrastinated signing Celia up for swim lessons.
A friend of mine recommended a woman that does private lessons at her house.
So Celia had her first lesson and it was actually pretty good!  It is a tiny little pool with an endless pool feature.  Basically there is a motor that makes it so you can swim in place.  It did the job and Celia was very relaxed.  In case you do not know but Celia had lessons at our local university when she was 3.  It is a program that is AWESOME for kids that need to learn how to be safe around a pool and it teaches them what to do if they fall in a pool, etc.  For Celia, unfortunately, it left her untrusting of swim instructors.  It has been a long road but we are getting there.  With the tiny pool, Celia felt secure.

 Ms. Hippoty Hop helped me set up for our Church Easter Egg Hunt
The hunt was a huge success and Celia was a great helper.
 She decorated samples for two craft tables.
I was in charge of the potted plant craft.  We ran out of pots part way through and it was interesting.
I am not exactly talented in the gardening department and well, the plants were in the pots and had dirt on them and I was just proud that I new to plant them right side up.   I also lead the 2 and 3 year olds in the egg hunt.  That was more my are of expertise.
 Audrey was there too, however I have little record of that.  See the girl in the corner of the picture dressed similar to Celia, that's her.  No idea why they were not together because they are ALWAYs together.
Oh there she is again in the corner with the bunny ears on, avoiding the actual Easter Bunny.
Our new children's minister is excellent.  The egg hunt was well organized and she even had the Easter bunny lead some dances.  Audrey gave the Easter Bunny a gift, it was super sweet, but she is still afraid of him.
Celia sung on Palm Sunday with the choir.  It was her second time singing and she did great.  All of the choirs marched in together and then stood at the end and finished singing the hymn.  It was short but sweet.  Later all of the kids handed out palms to everyone.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Healthy Running Kids an Update

So… our second week of Healthy Running Kids came and Audrey did a bit better.  Let me show you in pictures.

She participated in the stretching- last week she said no

Not sure what stretch they were doing here but at least she is moving

Then we get to the actual race.
Folks, she's cute, I need to lead with that.
So.. the picture is tiny and it looks like everyone is running.
Well, what you don't see is Audrey looking to the back at her at some random thing.
She missed the fact that all of the other girls started running.
This time when the director told her to go though she did not respond with "no", she started running

And there she is running
And there Pete is running with a bag of mini m&ms
Yep, we bribed her and we are not ashamed
Now she may have stopped 2x before she finished
She may have waved at who ever she saw a few times and stuck her tongue out like a goof
But she ran and she finished and we are proud
She has 2 weeks to practice as HRK is off for Easter

I really have no great pictures of Celia and that does not mean that I was not cheering her on as much as Audrey, it means that I was too busy cheering her on and searching for her among the pack of girls to take pictures.  Next time I will take more of Celia.
She had a harder time this round then last time and that is okay, everyone has good days and bad days.  She finished, she ran when they said go, and she kept her tongue in her mouth.  We are proud.  She had a busy day that day as she sang in church, had a playdate, and played outside for a long time.  Then when we got to HRK she chased Audrey around and around and around.   

Oh and I leave with this.  That is not the back of Celia's head.  You would think with all of the curls sprouting all over the place.  That would be Audrey's hair, go figure.  It is the humidity, wonder what the summer will bring.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pictures from the Week

 Trampolines and Toddlers = Heaven
 Boo Bunny
She was whining and so I put it on her back and she walked away happy as could be.
If only that would work every time….

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Healthy Kids Running Series

Last year Celia participated in our local chapter of Healthy Kids Running Series.  Actually the series was started in our area and has now expanded to several states.  This year we signed Audrey up to run. The kids will run races for the next 6 Sundays.  It is very well organized and last year Celia had a great time.  We were nervous this year because last year she only had to run a 50 yard dash and this year it is a 1/4 mile for her age group.

Audrey only had to do the 50 yard dash and she was very excited on the way there.  She was excited until they divided the kids into age groups to stretch and then she basically just stood there.  I tried to get her to participate in the stretching and she responded with a very firm "no".  So we moved onto the race and I thought that once she saw the other kids run that she would too.  So all of the kids took off and Audrey just stood there.  One of the race directors patted her back and told her to run and she told him "no".  So I came and ran with her.  She was not completely on board with even running with me.  She was a little more excited once she found out that at the end of the race was a toy plane.  Our as she called it a kite plane.

Celia on the other hand totally surprised me.  She lined up with her group and was sort of nudged to the back line and she was not happy about it.  I can read my daughter and she was totally annoyed.  So I thought, if this does not go well, I know exactly what she is going to blame it on!!  She took off at almost the very end of all of the girls.  Then she moved up a little further, they rounded a corner and she moved further up, and finally finished in the middle of the top pack of girls.  It was awesome to see her run and finish the 1/4 mile.  That is all I wanted her to do!!
Celia is the one in the long pink leggings

Monday, March 31, 2014

Oh the cuteness

Piggy tails and dimples can make your day.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


I just have not been in the mood for writing lately. Nothing really exciting has been going on, which is usually a good thing.

This past week Celia was on Spring Break, but no one else in the family was on break. That presented a problem for the days that I work- which was Wed-Fri this week. So Celia got her on little vacation with Grandma and Grandpa Tuesday to Thurday in which she had a fabulous time. I so appreciate that they agreed to take on such a difficult and unmanageable child, Ha!! I say that with great sarcasm. Celia was very well behaved as she is more often then not and evidently everyone had a blast. From what I understand they went to the movies and then just hung around the house having fun. Pete was away Tuesday to Thursday so it was just Audrey and I. Grandpa was worried about Audrey's reaction to Celia getting to stay at their house but she was FINE. She loved the undivided attention and the Audrey catered dinners.

I took Audrey to the Disney Store on the way home from dropping Celia off at her Grandparents.  We saw Olaf from Frozen.  She thought he was hilarious.  Of course she seemed to be more fascinated by the mannequins at the GAP store and the Loft.  Honestly, we could have shopped for hours.  I had to drag her away from them at the Gap.  At the Loft they were naked and well that really tickled Audrey.
Even though it did not cross her little mind that we could take anything home from the Disney store.  I did something unlike myself and sprung for Chilly from Doc McStuffins to complete our collection.  The girls love to play with these characters.

 It felt weird to me just having the one child as a responsibility. In any case, Celia returned on Thursday and Pete returned on Thursday so everything was back to normal. The girls stayed with Pete on Friday. It was a snow make-up day for me. I have ALOT of them!!! Luckily I have only 2 to go now.

After work on Friday,  Pete left to run errands and the girls wanted to play outside.  It was warm out but really windy.
Yeah, she refused to have her hair put up.  So most of the time she went around with one hand on her hair.

Love that we have this huge field right near our house

It looks like she is picking her nose but there was a pile of cow manure for fertilizer and she just could not stand it!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Week in Pictures

It's consignment sale season 
Girls modeling some finds

Monday snowstorm
Look what came!  A nice treat for Celia who was battling a cold
Look who has Elsa's hair
Cuteness, I flipped her about a month ago to face forward.
A walk to the park
This one road her bike to the park ( rather walked it, mom pushed it with her on it, road then stopped suddenly a million times....)

But we had fun at the park and then we went home and it took us 18946 x longer with said novice training wheel equipped biker