Friday, December 12, 2014

Random Post

Audrey had a Thanksgiving show at her school.  It is fun having a Thanksgiving show and not a Christmas show.  The holidays just get stressful and I like to think that at school they are spending more time having fun and talking about the real meaning of Christmas (she goes to a Christian preschool) and not having to practice for a show.  

So on the day of her show we had a small snow storm.  It ruined Grandma and Grandpas plans to go to Celia's grandparents day at school but no fear because Mom Mom attended the event.  She made Celia even happier by bringing her home early as Mom Mom wanted to make it home safely. 

So Celia's best buddy came over and all three girls made the snow man.  They did it without any help at all!  I just handed the random requests for snowman accessories.

And here is my crazy Olaf wearing eldest.  She stayed out in the snow far longer then I expected.
The girls and I are outdoor loving people however Cecelia is not one to tolerate the cold.  We practically had to drag the girls in after hours outside.  Audrey was the first to come to her senses and come inside.

I never showed off Audrey's birthday cake.  A pony.  Some fondant and an online tutorial made it super easy.

So a few days after Thanksgiving we decorated the tree.
Something irritated this kiddo.  A lot of things tend to do that.

Deep in thought.  Actually she is likely gathering up her argument for something that I told her not to do as we are at that, I can not accept no age.  Oh wait, I don't think we have ever not been in that stage.

This is for my friend Julie.
Yup, candy in the insta snow!!  So at Pete's company Christmas party the girls made insta snow.
They enjoyed playing with it at home and I bought gummy trees and bears for play.  We play a lot with candy.  Skittles are awesome to scoop.

Playing away, Audrey eating a banana.  Do you like the face painting?
Pete's company had a frozen themed party this year.  Audrey loved Elsa and Anna… Santa on the other hand, not so much.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Longwood and a Frozen Face

 We are lucky to be gifted a membership to a local garden by my in laws.  
They have an incredible Christmas display.
We went a week ago to members only night.  Unfortunately it was raining so we primarily stayed inside.

 This is the tree from Audrey's school.
Next year she gets to make ornaments for the tree!!

Pete's company has a huge children's christmas party every year.
This year's theme was Frozen.  They had Elsa and Anna at the party and Santa of course.
The girls had their faces painted as Elsa.  Audrey would not have anything to do with Santa.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Celia is in first grade.  We still get emails from her pre-k teacher on holidays.  She is amazing.

Dear Sonbeam Alumni and Families- HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Among my many blessings, YOU are right on top! My prayer is that you will have a wonderful day filled with God's sweet blessings and a fantastic time with your family and friends. I miss you all and I count it a privilege to have you as part of my family. It was amazing to have so many of you at the Thanksgiving program yesterday! We need to have a reunion! My love is with each and every one of you. Stay in touch and have a tremendous holiday. Give your parents and great big hug and tell them how much you love them! You are in my prayers, Miss Shelley

Have a Wobderful Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It's 3 star dress day!!

Celia's school has different dress code days.  The biggest day of the year is Grandparents Day which they celebrate the day before Thanksgiving.  This year the weather has really put a damper on some grandparents coming but I love the uniform!!!  Please note this is the only circumstance in which I can get her to tuck in a shirt and wear something close to her belly button.

Monday, November 24, 2014

And Heres To Four

Happy 4th Birthday to my baby girl!  Audrey has very mixed feelings about turning 4.  She wants to stay little forever and ever she says so there is some fear with turning 4.  Audrey somewhat thinks that tomorrow she will awake and be big.  Not going to happen but understandable for a 4 year old's thinking!

So this is a picture heavy post and later I will update on her happenings.

 Fluffy is your buddy.  She travels the house with you and if you were allowed, she would play outside too.  Fluffy does not however look like that picture.  She has a grayish tint and is anything but fluffy.

 She is a fish and she loves swim lessons.
As a birthday treat I signed her up for a few sessions with her favorite swim teacher.
She has been asking and asking me to email Miss. Sharon for a lesson.

 When she found out we were moving she said "Don't the house have a beach and a pool?"
We had to break the news that our new house was not a beach house.

 School Photo

Crazy dancing with her sister

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Sunday, November 16, 2014

All about the bass

We are fans of the song All about the Bass, especially Audrey.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Girls are so dainty

I have no idea how it would be to have two silly or crazy boys who like to wrestle each other or tackle each other.  Oh wait…. perhaps I do!!!

They slowed down for the pictures.  Usually someone ends up on the floor, a head gets bumped, someone ends up crying, etc.  But 4 out of the 5 days Celia has school this happens with in 20 minutes of her arrival home.  I guess it is there way of saying they missed each other.  I don't know a simple hug should do, but this is how they express their affection I suppose.