Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 7 at the beach

Day 7 was Pete's last day at the beach. He took Audrey and Celia to the pool and then we went out to lunch.  We actually met a family that lived close to us at lunch.  In the afternoon everyone went to the beach and the water was very, very calm. It was strange! It felt like we were in a lake rather then the ocean.  Audrey, Celia, and I hung out for a long time in the water.   Both Audrey and Celia had time on the boogie board.  When Audrey was on the boogie board she tried to tell me that she was okay and that I could leave.  Uh no.

 I have to share a meltdown on camera
 Thinking about the injustice she was facing (there was no chair brought down for her)
 I want my chair
Okay fine, but I am not happy

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 5 and 6 at the beach

On day 5, we took a walk to the pier as a family. We saw tons of little sand crabs. Celia and Audrey built a sandcastle with Pete. Audrey ventured into the water with Mommy.  Celia and Audrey had a great time playing in the water together.  Audrey wanted to STAY all day in the water.  A wave would get her (while I was holding her) and she would just shrug it off.

The next day the water was not quite as calm and Celia crashed with her boogie board.  She scraped her belly a little bit.  There was a long path of shells that were right in the way of a professional boogie boarder like Celia.  Audrey again, could have stayed in the water forever.  Pete also came in the water with us.   Poor Celia later scraped her nose on the bottom of the pool.

Snuggling in her towels after wiping out

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 4- Audrey photo bomb

Day 4 brought beautiful weather but a grumpy and tired Celia.

The waves out there were taller then her
The water was really cold
But she had the time of her life

These are my most favorite photos of my sweet girl

Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 3 of the beach

The sun came out on day 3 at the beach.  Audrey and I started the day out early by taking a long walk together.  Okay so she road in the BOB while I pushed.  We had some stares as I was pushing a child eating a banana, wearing a hello kitty nightgown with hello kitty undies peeking out, and red fleece striped slippers.  She looked cute but interesting especially with the fleece slippers as it was not in the least bit cold.
I caught the sunrise in the morning

Celia did not waste time pulling the tube down to the waves.
The only problem was that the storm the day before brought in frigid water temps.

Not sure why Audrey all of a sudden had an issue with the beach today.
But she did and then got over it quickly.

 Audrey reminding Celia of the dangers in the water.
 Audrey following everything Celia does.
 I filled that bucket up 1, 597 times so she could play in the water and 
keep her precious hands and feet clean.  I finally gave up and told her to go down to the water.
My pretty little almost 7 year old.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 1 and 2 of the beach

Every year we spend 2 weeks in the outer banks.  The girls love the beach.  Pete usually can only come down for 1 week and then the girls stay with Mom Mom and I.    When we first started going to the beach with Audrey she was not in love with the sand and the ocean.  The first year was okay because she was only 9 months.  I slept very little, but on the beach she was ok.  The second year she voiced her dislike of the sand quite loudly and even resisted going down to the beach towards the end of the trip.  Last year things were better, she tolerated the sand but refused to go near the water.  I was curious about this year because the girl has become a fish in the water ( a sinking fish, but a fish).   So on the first day she was hesitant about the water for about 5 minutes and then had a blast.  Celia did not hesitate for even a second this year.   She got our tube and went right for the water, even getting wiped out a few times and recovering.

 Daddy, can I fly the kite?
 It is so high, I can really fly the kite
 The shark kite!

 On the second day the rain came and so we spent a lot of time inside.  
In the late afternoon we ventured out to the beach of a short time. 
Celia had the most fun I think.  
 The girls were in super silly mode when we returned from the beach

Friday, August 22, 2014

Getting Older

This was Celia a year ago at age 5.  She can still wear that outfit but she certainly is bigger.
On 9/5 this kiddo will be 7.  I do not know a whole lot about 7 year olds.
I know that I am getting this look a lot.
It is an "I know that already and I just can not be bothered with listening to you Mom" look.
She knows that

But then there is the 1 x a year that she allows me to actually put those curls up in piggies and she looks little again.  She is so cute.

This year I think was the year of confidence for my Celia.
With some of these fears of failing if you try gone, I am so excited to find out what this next year holds for my oldest.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More swimming

So the grandparents are likely the only ones interested in more Audrey swimming videos.  She is just SOO proud of herself.