Monday, August 31, 2015

1st Day of School

Last year at our well loved church daycare/preschool for Audrey and 1st day in a new school school for Celia!

 And off we go to a new school year.
The back packs were blessed at church.
We have packed in a ton of fun to the summer.
We swam to our hearts content.

We toured the eldest's school and met her teacher.
We know that Audrey's teacher is absolutely AMAZING.

We had pumpkin and whole wheat pancakes, spinach and kale smoothies, 
and a bowl of fruit to get us on our way.

So bring it.
We can handle all you give us.
Here's to a wonderful new school year.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

More Beach Fun

 I made the mistake of bringing a bottle of bubbles to the beach.
Evidently it was Celia's personal bubbles which I had no idea.
Somebody was sad that she did not get a turn.

Pretty Landscape photo from an Audrey and Mommy outing.
Every year I take Celia on a Mommy and Celia outing.  
Audrey got her turn this year too!

She chose ice-cream of course

Some more pretty pictures

View from our beach house.  I wanted to get the sunrise.
Sadly the clouds were in the way.

Girls working together on a sand project.
See the rough ocean!  Auds thought she could just walk right in that water.
Celia went into the water and had a blast.
She really knows how to navigate those waves.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Beach Preview Photo Bomb

Below is Celia in the waves!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Vacation Bible School

Every year since Celia was 3 she has attended Vacation Bible School at a local Methodist church.  Our own church has evening VBS that ends far too late for us and it was during swim championships week.  We love the VBS that we attend and this was Audrey's second year to attend.

The girls are dressed in their t-shirts above that they wore for the last day show.  My Mom and I sat through half the show and thought that Celia was not on stage.  We thought maybe her group entered at a certain time.  After awhile I looked at the group closely and realized she was in the back row.  I am not used to her wearing pony tails!!

I have a video of their cute show but I can not get it on you tube or blogger.  I have no clue how to fix the issue!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Exciting Times

Wednesday morning as I was getting ready for work, I heard screaming coming from Celia's room.
At first I was wondering what on earth was happening and then I remembered.
I remembered her gray disgusting wiggly/dangling tooth and I knew..
A side note, see the sleep mask?  She will wear it until she changes into regular clothes.  Even if it is 4 hours after waking up.

Yup, another tooth recorded on the pillow.
The tooth fair was generous and left her $2.
This is her 4th tooth to come out however this is the first tooth she has lost on her own.
The first three were removed by the oral surgeon because she had adult teeth growing in behind them.
So really, I count this as her first tooth lost!  At just about age 8 she has a late start and that is perfectly fine considering her Mom only lost 1 to 2 teeth on her own.  
There is another wiggly tooth right beside it and Celia has said that she is going to let it fall out the same way she did the other one.  So I guess we will have another gray, wiggly, dangly disgusting tooth to watch her twist and turn it.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Celia Happenings

 This kiddo has been complaining lately that she just does not like her curls.
So one morning I offered to straighten them.
I held my breath and prayed that this would not be a frequent event.
This is how she felt.
She thinks she looks MUCH better with curls.
I would agree.

She enjoyed making ice cream in a bag.
Unfortunately the salt on the ice got into the ice cream bag.
So it was salty ice cream which she did not mind all that much.
She likes salt- Pickles and olives are preferred foods.

She made this with some friends.  But she said that she did the most and I believe it.
Inside the top shoe box are thoughts.  Very creative.
I took a bunch of toys out of the play room temporarily and added a huge box of toilet paper tubes and a giant cardboard box.  I wanted to see what they would do!

Swimming, swimming, swimming.  That is what the summer is all about.
Our swim team has over 200 kids, huge.  Celia is learning about cheering for her team and being a good sport.  She is also enjoying her glued to her hip buddy Vanessa.  To be honest our family has an equal admiration of her too.  But Celia has turned on the free style power in a few relays and in her individual races.  She just showed me today that she also knows how to do breast stroke and her butterfly is getting better.   Celia has also had to learn to swim in rain and down pours.  She has learned that in our swim league, we only stop a meet for thunder, lightening, and rain pouring down so heavily that you can not see.  If you think I am kidding, I am 100% not!!  But it adds to memories.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Another year

It is another year come and gone.  Today is the anniversary of my father's death and we once again visited Greenwoods swim club (the place of his death) this year for swim season.

The swim league was a big part of my Dad's life and I am hoping my kids continue to enjoy it.  Audrey started off the season a bit rocky.  She was not very sure about the group part of the swimming.  But she ended up really loving swimming.  I almost pulled her from it and then decided that if there were any days that she did not want to go to swim practice or did not seem to enjoy it that we would simply not attend on those days.  I was prepared but it ended up being the opposite, she started to really like it. During the lesson champs she was so proud of her accomplishment.  I thought of you Dad during this because I thought that although it was important in our family that no one quits what they start, at age 4 you would think the fun part was the most important factor.

Celia has had a great swim season.  We have stressed the sportsmanship factor and she has maintained all along that she really loves swimming.  In fact the day after championships she said that she was said about swimming being over.  When championships arrived, I did not expect a great deal from Celia.  She did spectacular in freestyle and in fact placed first overall in her age group for free!!  Her relay placed 3rd and Celia swam with a very powerful freestyle and almost caught up to the 2nd place relay.  They were not even close when she started her lap.  It was exciting.

All 4 grandkids were together for a bit this summer.  Here they are Dad.

Audrey and Emmett play so nicely together except Emmett would still like Audrey to be a boy.

Celia and Katie are best buds when she visits.

All is well Dad.