Friday, February 27, 2015

Celia, the insurance sales rep

After watching tv

Celia: Mommy, are you happy with your insurance?

Me: Uh, what?

Celia: Do you think your insurance does a good job?

Me: What???

Celia:  Well State Farm seems like they do a good job, maybe you should consider that.

Me:  you like the State Farm commercials? 

Celia:  Their ok

Word to State Farm, apparently you just have to do "ok" to sell to a 7 year old

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This past weekend

On Sat I took the girls to see a Chitty Chitty bang bang preschool preview for one of our local high school musicals.  Celia and I saw Peter Pan last year at that school and it was amazing.

The preview was fairly good but Celia enjoyed it more I think then Audrey, though Audrey behaved very well and seemed to be interested.  They had no costumes on and had no microphones so it was hard to hear.  The chitty chatty bang bang vehicle was also 4 inches too big.  So it did not fit inside.

It was impressive.  For a $5 donation after the free preview, families could go in the cafeteria and have a Community day.  It was simple activities but honestly the girls had a great time.  The highschoolers had games like plinko, match box car racing, bean bag toss, face painting, tattoos, etc.  Their were prizes for everything.  I was not overly thrilled at the amount of candy given as prizes but luckily my kids forget about it quickly.

When we came home I was toying with the idea of taking Celia out to lunch and took at shoes at a shoe store that is closing.  We then made it a family event which was a good thing because as you see from the picture, we started getting snow.  Considering the temperatures have been in the single digits over the past few days, the snow stuck fast.  But we were ok.  We ate at COSI and discovered that Audrey evidently does not like peanut butter or the COSI jelly (she has never had peanut butter because I have a peanut allergy but she likes almond butter) but the kid ate my soup.  I love that soup, I was not happy about sharing.  We did accomplish getting Celia a pair of sneakers and I snuck next size up sneakers for Audrey.  If she knows, she must wear them right away.  
Can you see the temperature???  Yes that is a 3.  I got up around 6:30 to go work out on Sat.  

My crazy girl.
This poor kid has had a rough winter with various colds, bronchitis, etc.
Thursday she woke up feeling crummy and slept quite a bit.
By Friday she felt much better, it was an odd and quick little bug.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

School Valentines Outfit

So I have had a lot of photos of Audrey lately.  When I did our annual photo calendar for the grandparents I discovered that apparently Audrey had been greatly neglected over the past year with photos.  I don't know how it happened, it just did.  It was hard to find enough Audrey pictures but I had an overabundance of Celia pictures.  So lately, if I catch her in the right moment I have been snapping away.  So please do not feel that Celia is getting the raw deal.  Believe me she gets her share of photo opportunities and attention.
 My sister made the skirt
 She now wants to wear it a lot
 But not as often is her nightgowns
She actually kept the skirt on for longer then I expected

I think she was home for 5 minutes before she changed

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Truth

So Audrey has a long hidden secret.  At school my child is this

She is sweet, always follows directions, plays well with others, knows how to share and problem solve.
Evidently she is the perfect child at school.
When I ask about her behavior they look at me like I am absolutely insane.  Audrey- misbehave, never.

Folks this is the Audrey we know and love.

The truth is I really would not change her.  She is my spunky, tough as nails, persistent, and sometimes challenging little girl.  It is going to help her in life, honestly.   She is also hilarious, her sister even says that many times.  I don't know if she shares that side with school.  She does love cuddles, more then any child that I know.  In fact right now she is in my lap playing.  She asked me if I could just sit and cuddle with her in Daddy's chair.  Pete has a chair that he declares his.  Truth is, I think it now belongs to Audrey.

Audrey is shy.  Sometimes painfully shy and also stubborn about it.  If she has it in her mind that she is not going to talk in a situation she WILL NOT talk.  She thinks she is as old as Celia until it is more convenient to be picked up and carried around and then her feet and legs are so little.  She has her sister wrapped around her little finger.  She does and I am not sure Celia is aware of it.  This morning Audrey was so upset because I would not buy her an equestria girl like Celia's two ugly as can be dolls.  I told her it would have to be earned because it is not Christmas or her birthday.  Audrey was beside herself.  Celia tried to justify it to me and then told Audrey that she could play with her dolls while she was at school.  She patted Audrey and justified her misery.  Good grief.  Least you think big sis is completely sweet and innocent, Celia also takes GREAT pleasure in harassing Audrey.  A little too much pleasure at times.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


I just have not felt like updating the blog.  I should because I like to think about what the kids are doing.  But life happens.

The week that we returned to school/work from the holiday break Celia started with a cold.  Actually she started that Sunday and by Wednesday morning she was fried.  So I stayed home with her and she did not feel awesome.  Pete then stayed home with her Thursday morning and she perked up.   I had to work Friday and at 10:30 I had a phone call from her school that she was running a temperature.  So I picked her up and off to the doctor we went.  Bronchitis.  She gets it once a year.  Her lungs just do not seem to handle congestion.  We endured a hard 5 days on an antibiotic.  Celia is not a fan of medicine AT ALL.   I am talking, meltdown drama, the need for a glass of water, glass of orange juice, and some sort of food to go along with the medicine.  I need to teach her how to swallow pills and then we will not have to deal with liquid medicine.  She refuses to take tylenol now too which amazes me because she used to LOVE the stuff.

So we don't usually pass things around to everyone but Pete was the only one spared with this bug.  Audrey got it the Wednesday that Celia stayed home but only the sniffles.  She seemed to have a mild form of it.  I got it Saturday and the next few days were not fun.  Celia said one day "I told you it was awful".  I guess we were not sympathetic enough when she was sick!  But we survived.
Cecelia is finally taking an interest in learning how to ride her bike.  
I found Audrey a bike at Goodwill and I think that motivated her a bit.

I love looking at the girls when they are asleep and sometimes I snap some pictures.
I think the red cheeks were from her cold but she was snuggled up close to her beloved Fluffy.

This one.  This is fairly typical for how she sleeps.  She has a face mask on and New Baby and Milo (turtle) are right beside her.  The sheets are usually a bit of a tangle.

We have had some cold days and Celia has taken advantage of it to request hot cocoa.
They are vegging out in front of the tv for a short time.  

Audrey is wearing her new kitty/owl/we can't figure it out gloves.  
She awaits the arrival of Celia often because then I will let her have some tv time. 
I usually make her wait until Celia gets home!  But she also loves to play with Celia too.

This day was actually from this past Wednesday when everyone freaked and schools dismissed early for I think 1/2 inch of snow….. It was okay.   I enjoyed having them home early and Choir was canceled so we got to relax.  Both girls helped me shovel the driveway.  Celia at age 7 thought the whole early dismissal from school was exciting.  I could not pick her up until about 2:00 and she was 1 of 5 remaining in her classroom.  Her teacher gave the girls these hair clips.